This was the official website for the promotion of the 2011 movie, Clan London. The content is from the site's 2011 archived pages. I was relaxing at a luxurious Maui rental on the western coast of the island when I first learned about the pitch for Clan London from a lawyer buddy of mine who is also a movie buff. He's one of those high powered Louisiana maritime attorneys who handles maritime cases out of New Orleans and is the one who sold me on Maui. He told me that his office is full of posters of Hawaii and all the partners vacation here regularly. I want to give a bit of a shot out regarding Maui. Sure it's one of the smaller Hawaiian islands, but the surf here is great, although crowded due to tourists like myself. But they have this incredible crater called Haleakala Crater in the Haleakala National Park which seems like the moon when you are at the top. At over 10,000 feet be prepared for the effects of less oxygen if youy decide to go on a hike and am from low altitude environs like myself. But the weather, the sunsets, the water sports, and the food are all amazing. Anyway, back to Clan London. I started following the movie's news on this site which you need to realize was built in 2010. It seemed as if at first everything was moving along, then problems started to mount and the production was pushed back from 2011 to 2012 to 2013. In 2013 there were no new updates. I checked the movie's Facebook page to see what was the hang up. I did a search on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb to see if the movie had ever been released and I had just missed it. Nothing. Had the name changed?? Don't know. Facebook shows 2015 comments saying the movie is still in pre production. The last post on their facebook page is February 14, 2015 regarding the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre which is the name given to the 1929 murder of six mob associates and a mechanic of the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran during the Prohibition Era in the US. Now there is no whisper, nada, zip. What the heck was and is going on?

Circa 2011


Breaking news! London auditions and seminar postponed until later in the year!

Due to the enormous response to our London auditions we have had to put back our dates until later in the year to get through the thousands of applications. We have also had large number of late cancelations from applicants. We apologise to anyone who may have booked flights or accommodation, but we have so many applications to get through with more still coming in as we speak from all over the UK and Ireland. The Dan Hubbard Seminar has also been postponed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Breaking news! Goodfellas star cast in Clan London!

Joe D'Onofrio as Tommy in Goodfellas with Robert De Niro

Very exciting news Clan Londoners – Joe D’Onofrio (Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, Analyse That) has been cast in Clan London! Joe has read the script, loves the concept of the film and will play the role of ANTHONY GENOVESE – a New York mobster!! You can see Joe here in this photo to the right of Robert De Niro in Goodfellas! Very exciting times for Clan London!

Production designers, costume designers & A.Ds wanted!

We are now taking CV’s for the following positions – 1st and 2nd DOPs, 1st & 2nd Assistant Directors, 2 costume designers, production designer with 2 assistants, line producer and 2 make up artists. This will be paid work! Please email your CV’s, portfolios (in PDF format) and any still shots from previous work to titled Clan London Crew or post them to:

Clan London Crew
One Shot Entertainment
Unit 20C
Terryland House
Headford Road

Have your business featured in the movie!

We have been talking to a large number of well known production companies who focus on big investments. Clan London is very close to getting the budget we have worked so hard for! We (through our accountants) will be giving application forms to businesses who wish to have their logo, merchandise etc featured in the Clan London movie. Prices varies for length of time on screen but with with Steve Collins and Jay Gianonne already on board you know it is going to pull a huge audience on it’s release. Music from Elvis Costello, The Dropkick Murphy’s, Slarta John (Basement Jaxx) and many more artists to be announced over the coming months!!

If you would like to see your product in the movie please email us at Thank you!

Clan London by The Ded Rabbidz


Listen to the track written especially for Clan London by The Ded Rabbidz from Brooklyn NYC. Ex Lordz of Brooklyn founders Paulie Nugent and Scotty Edge have penned a masterpiece and join the ever growing list of stars contributing to the Clan London soundtrack including Elvis Costello and The Dropkick Murphys. Thank you guys! We LOVE it!!!!!! Click on the link:

Clan London by The Ded Rabbidz

Clan London Christmas Party Success

Razor Smith and Steve Collins at The Clan London Christmas Party

A huge thank you to the hundreds of people who attended The Clan London Christmas Party at The Claddagh Ring in Hendon recently. The night was a complete SELL OUT!! An estimated 600 people crammed into the famous North West London venue!! London Irish rock band The BibleCodeSundays, Liberty X star DJ Tony Lundon, Steve Collins the former World boxing champion and best selling author Noel ‘Razor’ Smith were some of the many stars in attendence!! Celebrity auctioneer Tom Keane from Cash in The Attic and Bargain Hunt also auctioned some fantastic memorabilia! Thanks again Clan Londoners! Truely an unforgettable night!

Writer/Producer with Elvis Costello

Writer/producer Andy Nolan with Elvis Costello

Writer/producer Andy Nolan met with with Elvis Costello recently at his secret performance at Ronnie Scotts in London. We are VERY hopeful of Elvis allowing us to use a track for Clan London. Elvis (Declan MacManus) is older brother of Ronan MacManus who plays with Andy in The BibleCodeSundays.

Clan London director Stephen Patrick Kenny

Clan London director Stephen Patrick Kenny took some time out from the hectic auditions in Galway to tell us about his vision for the film and how the auditions went. Hear what he has to say as he talks to Clan London writer/producer Andy Nolan.

Calling all Gerard Butler Lookalikes


Butler lookalike wanted for lead role

We are looking for a Gerard Butler lookalike (aren’t we all I hear you woman cry) for the following ages 8-13, 16-19 and 39-43 to play Tommy McDonagh in Clan London! Actors and agents please email CVs/Headshots and any links to – subject CLAN LONDON.

Tommy has two brothers -Sean McDonagh (aged 14, adult) – Cockney accent and Pat McDonagh (aged 12, adult) – Cockney accent. Both are of similar appearence to Tommy so please also email CVs/Headshots to the email address above, thank you.

Ronan MacManus talks Clan London


Clan London writer/producer Andy Nolan talks to Ronan MacManus, the younger brother of Elvis Costello about the forthcoming gangster movie Clan London! The singer/songwriter and member of London Irish Folk Rock band The BibleCodeSundays talks exclusively to the Clan London Youtube Channel about some new songs he has written for Clan London!

Steve Collins expects Clan London to be a Knock Out!


Former World Champ with Clan London writer Andy Nolan

Along with my cameraman for the day Ronan MacManus we met Irish boxing legend Steve Collins today! Steve is an absolute gentleman and is very excited about his appearence in Clan London! Watch out for Steve talking Clan London on our youtube channel VERY SOON wearing his Clan London tshirt with pride!!!

Spider Stacy from The Pogues to record song for Clan London and joins Cast


Spider Stacy from The Pogues

We have spoken to Spider Stacy from The Pogues! He is very excited about Clan London and wants to record a song for the movie! HUGE news Clan Londoners! Spider was one of the founding members of the London Irish punk rockers and sang lead vocals on Love You To The End for PS I Love You starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. Spider will also join the cast of Clan London. Stacy was with The Pogues until they disbanded in 1996, having provided lead vocals on The Pogues last two albums. During this time they had their biggest American single with the Stacy-penned Tuesday Morning (song) which peaked at no. 11 on the Billboard Rock Chart. It was the highest placed single that The Pogues had on their own in the UK charts hitting no 18 in 1993. Their higher placed singles had guest musicians Kirsty MacColl and The Dubliners. He has appeared in the movie Straight To Hell alongside the legendary Joe Strummer and hopes to feature in David Simon’s (The Wire, Generation Kill) new US drama Treme.

Ex Bank Robber joins Cast


Razor Smith - best selling author

We would like to announce that Noel ‘Razor’ Smith will be appearing in Clan London! Noel Smith, now a best selling author, was part of the inspiration behind the movie as revealed in an exclusive Clan London article in The Sunday World newspaper!

Noel ‘Razor’ Smith was born in London in 1960. He has fifty-eight criminal convictions and has spent the greater portion of his adult life in prison. Whilst in prison he taught himself to read and write, gained an Honours Diploma from The London School of Journalism and an A-Level in Law. He has been awarded a number of Koestler awards for his writing and has contributed articles to the Independent, the Guardian, Punch, the Big Issue, the New Statesman and the New Law Journal. Razor joins the ever growing cast list that also includes former World boxing Champion Steve Collins and Jay Giannone who appeard in The Departed, Three Kings and Entourage!

Former World Boxing Champ Steve Collins to appear in Clan London


World Champ Joins Cast

We spoke to former World boxing Champion Steve Collins and he is very excited about Clan London! He has agreed to appear in the film aswell as help with research! Steve appeared in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! We will be meeting him in the next few weeks to go over the script and some exciting ideas for the movie!

Jay Giannone joins Clan London Cast/Crew


Jay Giannone in Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone

Great news Clan Londoners!! Jay Giannone from THE DEPARTED, THREE KINGS, ENTOURAGE, CONFIDENCE, GONE BABY GONE and DETENTION will be joining the cast aswell as being a consultant for our BOSTON shoot of Clan London!!!! Jay trained Leonardo Di Caprio on Martin Scorsese’s The Departed!!! Welcome on board Jay!!

Calling all Actors and Crew

We are currently into pre production and we will update you all with news and castings. If you are interested please post your:

1. Headshot
2. Acting CV
3. Showreel

Aswell as CV’s for CREW – to the following address:

Clan London Casting
One Shot Entertainment
Unit 20C
Terryland House
Headford Road

Those interested in WORK EXPERIENCE living in London, Boston and New York should also apply for the following positions:



Clan London tshirts are available to buy now from the Merchandise section of this site via Paypal!!!


We have been receiving fantastic support from good friends of ours regarding the use of certain songs for the movie soundtrack! We are really excited as these guys are very talented musicians! Kane O’Rourke, Ronan MacManus (brother of Elvis Costello), the awesome Steranko and also Paulie Nugent and Scotty Edge from The Lordz of Brooklyn! Paulie and Scotty – the Irish contingent – are currently writing tracks especially for Clan London for the NYC and Boston scenes in the movie! Back in the 1990s these guys were HUGE and toured with House of Pain and Cypress Hill! We are currently talking to other huge artists for the soundtrack including Elvis Costello and The Dropkick Murphys!

Paulie Nugent from The Ded Rabbidz | Ex Lordz of Brooklyn


Ronan MacManus | Younger brother of Elvis Costello


Steranko | Amazing punk rock band from London


The BibleCodeSundays featuring Clan London writer/producer Andy Nolan, Ronan MacManus and ex Bad Manners drummer Carlton Hunt